If an 'adult' tooth is knocked out, all is not lost! - Do not panic but do act quickly.

Follow these simple steps and you may save a smile.

  • Find the tooth -  Hold the tooth by the crown (the part usually visible in the mouth) not by the root (the pointed end).

  • Do not scrub the tooth or place it in disinfectant.

  • If the tooth is clean  Hold it by the crown and gently push it back into it's socket, making sure that it is the right way round, This is usually painless if done immediately after the accident.

  • If the tooth is dirty - Rinse it in milk or cold water before gently pushing it back into place.

  • Hold the tooth in place - And  bite on a clean handkerchief.

  • Go to your dentist immediately or out of hours service.



If you cannot put the tooth back in.

  • Place it in a cup of milk.

  • Do not scrub the tooth or place in disinfectant

  • Do not let the tooth become dry.

  • Go to your dentist immediately or out of hours service.