A veneer is a thin layer of tooth-coloured material that is put onto the front of the tooth to make it look better.  The tooth might have been dis-coloured or damaged by an accident.  Veneers can greatly improve your appearance.  They hide the imperfections and you lose very little natural tooth during the preparation.

Veneers also protect the teeth from any more damage.  For example, acid in food or drinks or from the stomach can cause your teeth to wear away.  The teeth become thin and weak but the veneers can protect them. If the tooth is strong, a veneer is often a better option than a crown for improving a tooth’s appearance.


Many people have small teeth resulting in spaces that may not be easily closed by orthodontics. Some people have worn away the edges of their teeth resulting in a prematurely aged appearance, while others may have malpositioned teeth that appear crooked.

Multiple veneers can close these spaces, lengthen teeth that have been shortened by wear, fill the black triangles between teeth caused by gum recession, provide a uniform colour, shape, and symmetry, and make the teeth appear straight.