You know how sometimes your teeth don't look as white and ad bright as they could? .......which means that you can feel a bit embarrassed to smile?

Well what we do is restore your smile to a natural brightness that subtly enhances your whole face and makes you look younger and smile with more confidence.

We offer the Buxton Dental Practice 'White for Life' system. This is our most popular and recommended way of whitening. Its perfect for fitting it into your busy schedules at home and controlling the results yourself.  

A complimentary dental hygienist visit is included in the treatment in which you receive a thorough scale and polish for your teeth  to reach their maximum shine! 

You will then have impressions taken of your teeth which will enable us to make accurately fitting whitening trays. After your whitening trays are made you will attend another visit in which your dentist will provide you with your custom made made trays, a supply of whitening gels, a sturdy tray box and whitening kit case. Your shades are taken prior to starting your whitening. We will also provide you with a step by step guide and advice on whitening.

A further appointment 2 weeks later will be made to check you are happy with your results and check your shades again.

Top up gels are available from the practice. Just pop in and ask a member of staff.


The Facts About Tooth Whitening


Will it harm my teeth?

NO- dentists have been whitening teeth since mid 1800's. Much research has been conducted. Some home kits you can buy on the internet or from some beauty salons can be harmful.

What about sensitivity?

Some sensitivity can occur with home kits but in a normally healthy mouth (and we will check that for you) the effects go away after a few hours. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth is recommended to use along side whitening (Colgate Pro Relief is a good one!)

Do I have to change my lifestyle?

No far from it- this allows us to carry enjoying the things we like and have a white healthy smile. Whilst whitening and for a few days afterwards try and avoid curries, red wine, strong coffee and tea as newly whitened teeth are more susceptible to staining. 

Can I use the kit if I have crowns or false teeth?

Yes- though the gels will not whiten crowns or denture work only natural teeth. You can replace your crowns to match your teeth after you have whitened.

Tooth Whitening Special Offers For You 

Because tooth whitening isn't ideal for everyone we offer a...      FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION

Bleaching Tray

Bleaching Tray

Because we are confident in our ability we offer the unique........Buxton Dental Care Guarantee .If we don't significantly lighten your teeth you will receive a full refund.


The 'White For Life' whitening system normally retails at £345 for upper and lower arch but we have SPECIAL OFFERS on regularly so please ask for more details if you are interested.

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