Why Should I Bother?

We strongly recommend that visits to your hygienist are kept on a regular basis at 3-6 monthly intervals. Having regular hygiene appointments comes with a lot of benefits. Gum disease and tooth loss can be stabilised and prevented ad we can detect other health issues such as heart disease and cancer through the close monitoring of your oral health.


Through we all know the importance of dental hygiene, it is still the case that many of us fail to take care of our teeth properly. It is seen as one of those nuisances, one of those things that wont matter if we miss it once or twice. Of course at the end of a demanding day all you want to do is collapse into bed, but this is why 95% of over 25's have some form of dental disease. Your teeth and gums could be in a poor state and you could be non the wiser...

If you want to be able to smile and not feel the need to cover your decaying teeth or unhealthy gums and keep your breath fresh then dental hygiene is vital. Inevitably, it will be you who pays the price if you don't go to the trouble of maintaining dental hygiene.

It's Simple...

Dental hygiene is a simple matter, yet we all make out as if it's the worst thing in the world. All it takes is brushing twice a day as well as using floss and mouthwash. Your hygienist will show you how to do that in the most effective way and clean your mouth and gums of difficult to reach pockets of plaque.

Regular visits to your dentist and hygienist help reduce the fear that some people have of going to the dentist. We are here to give you the best guidance and advice.

So what is gum disease?

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people experience bleeding gums when brushing?  This is an early sign of irritated gums which if left untreated can develop into periodontal disease. The development of gum disease takes place in stages. The build up of plaque and calculus accumulates on the teeth and gums. This then sits and irritates the gums making them red and sore. The gum around the tooth then becomes baggy around the tooth creating periodontal pockets around the tooth.

Food debris and bacteria then get caught in the pockets and are left to irritate the gums further. Bone is then lost from around the tooth making the teeth become mobile and in some cases teeth are then lost.


Your Hygienist Appointment- What can I expect?

Your hygiene appointment will usually last about 20 minutes. More extensive treatment may take longer or need multiple appointments. Many people find that visiting their hygienist regularly means that they need shorter visits and have less chance of developing gum disease.  


The dental hygienist will introduce themselves and make sure you are comfortable and happy before beginning any treatment. They will assess your teeth and gums and discuss any problems you are experiencing or anything you may be finding difficult when maintaining your oral health.

Your teeth and gums will be gently and thoroughly cleaned of bacterial deposits with an ultrasonic scaler ( a hand scaler can be used for those with sensitive teeth) but we always recommend the ultrasonic scaler for the best results.

Your teeth will be polished to remove surface staining. You will be shown the best oral care products for you to use at home and how they will benefit you.