Adult Routine Exam £79.00
Emergency New Patient Appointment £99.00
Cosmetic Hygienist Appointment (Stain Removal) £99.00
Hygienist Appointment £79.00
White Fillings From £120.00
Root Canal Treatments From £420.00
Crowns From £700.00
Partial Dentures From £550.00
Full Dentures From £900.00
Inlay/Onlay From £700.00
Veneers From £750.00
Bridge From £600 (per tooth)
Tooth Extractions From £150.00
Teeth Whitening £299.00


New patients/ patients that are no longer registered will be required to pay a £30 deposit to secure their first appointment. This is taken off the price of the appointment.

Individual treatment plans and estimates are produced for every course of treatment so patients are always fully aware of the costs involved and consent to under go proposed treatment.