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Great for small corrections of dental aesthetic problems

Direct resin bonding involves the placement of a dental composite material onto the teeth. We use this material to repair decayed, damaged or discoloured teeth or to improve the shape size and colour. Often no drilling or injections are needed.

Over 100+ Reviews

What is Involved?

At your initial consultation, the dentist will assess your general dental health to ensure that the gums and nerves inside the teeth are healthy.

For many cases, models of the teeth are taken using our digital scanner; we then carry out a computer mock-up of the anticipated final result so you can see the likely outcome prior to
committing to treatment. We then use cutting edge 3D printing to print a life-size plastic model of your teeth: a custom-made plastic mould is then made which allows us to accurately transfer the shape of the computer designed teeth to your mouth.

At a second appointment, the dentist will artistically bond composite resin to your teeth to emulate our agreed design. Often only one appointment is required.